My (incomplete) Personal Health Profile

21 Jan

My Personal Health Profile was incomplete for a reason; I won’t go into detail about it; but rest assured, I’m definitely going to do a proper one in a few weeks.

However, I did get on the Tanita scale and got some stats on my body:

Body Type: Standard (the only other choice is active/athletic which means you did regular exercise for 3~5 times a week…psshh that ain’t me)

I’ll skip the gender / age

Height: 6fft.
Weight: 154.81lb
BMR: 1794 kcal
FAT%: 11.6%
Fat Mass: 18.0lb
FFM: 136.8lb (weight – fat mass)
TBW: 100.2lb (total body water)
My hydration level: (100.2 / 154.81 x 100) about 65%

So if I want to build muscle apparently it’s advisable to bring up my hydration level to at least 70%.
Also, to be able to see really cut abs, body fat % should go lower than 10%.
And since I wanna get to 180 +/- 5lbs…so i need to raise 25lbs more.

I can’t wait to get my complete personal health profile.

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