Body (Goal / Strategy / Tactics recap)

25 Dec

The essence of who I want to become is simple: a person at a heightened state of mind and body.

In terms of the ‘body’ aspect of this journey/transformation, I had always been on a wrong path. I had forgotten about my goal, and had my focus set on aesthetics of the body.

Aesthetics should be a by-product in achieving my goal, not the other way around.

Not anymore! I re-aligned my tactics to match my strategy and ultimately, the goal:

Goal: To become a person at a heightened state of ‘body’ (translation: to have a body with above average endurance, strength, agility, and range of motion)

Strategy: Start with foundation…, developing stronger core muscles.


(At home) turkish get-ups, ab wheel roller exercises, bent-over dumbbell rows (mb planche push ups)

(At gyms) add other compound exercises: dead lifts, squats, pull ups

More quantifiable milestones to come! In the meanwhile, I did my first TGU with dumbbell at home, trying to master the proper form. Much harder than it looks!

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