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Leaking Pipe


At my company’s work retreat this summer, we were divided into small groups and participated in a team building competition. One of which looked something like the above. (Can’t believe I actually found the right image under the search query, ‘Leaking pipe + team’ Kudos to Google Images)

It was a simple one: at lake shore, small cups and a pipe with many holes with a small buoyant piece were given to each teams; then each team had to figure out the optimal numbers of runners vs., hole blockers to beat out other teams in filling up the pipe.

This exactly is how our memory retention abilities work. As we continue learning and acquiring head-aching amount of information, most sips right out of our cell membranes. And what about the competition part? I’m sure the ability to retain, will weigh heavily on our excellence in just about everything – including in your social/love life. 😉

This is the reason, why I decided to come back to the blog-o-sphere.

Since I last wrote for my blog, I’ve continuously learnt and sought new knowledge. One of the notable examples, is my initiative in watching TED videos during my commute. However, since I don’t really take notes in my semi-sleeping state in the mornings and nights, I don’t quite remember most of the talks.

So here is me – again. Back for more; and more to give.

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My (incomplete) Personal Health Profile

My Personal Health Profile was incomplete for a reason; I won’t go into detail about it; but rest assured, I’m definitely going to do a proper one in a few weeks.

However, I did get on the Tanita scale and got some stats on my body:

Body Type: Standard (the only other choice is active/athletic which means you did regular exercise for 3~5 times a week…psshh that ain’t me)

I’ll skip the gender / age

Height: 6fft.
Weight: 154.81lb
BMR: 1794 kcal
FAT%: 11.6%
Fat Mass: 18.0lb
FFM: 136.8lb (weight – fat mass)
TBW: 100.2lb (total body water)
My hydration level: (100.2 / 154.81 x 100) about 65%

So if I want to build muscle apparently it’s advisable to bring up my hydration level to at least 70%.
Also, to be able to see really cut abs, body fat % should go lower than 10%.
And since I wanna get to 180 +/- 5lbs…so i need to raise 25lbs more.

I can’t wait to get my complete personal health profile.

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