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Body (Goal / Strategy / Tactics recap)

The essence of who I want to become is simple: a person at a heightened state of mind and body.

In terms of the ‘body’ aspect of this journey/transformation, I had always been on a wrong path. I had forgotten about my goal, and had my focus set on aesthetics of the body.

Aesthetics should be a by-product in achieving my goal, not the other way around.

Not anymore! I re-aligned my tactics to match my strategy and ultimately, the goal:

Goal: To become a person at a heightened state of ‘body’ (translation: to have a body with above average endurance, strength, agility, and range of motion)

Strategy: Start with foundation…, developing stronger core muscles.


(At home) turkish get-ups, ab wheel roller exercises, bent-over dumbbell rows (mb planche push ups)

(At gyms) add other compound exercises: dead lifts, squats, pull ups

More quantifiable milestones to come! In the meanwhile, I did my first TGU with dumbbell at home, trying to master the proper form. Much harder than it looks!

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Exercise Log: May

It’s been awhile. But I’ve been good since I last logged about my exercises.

Of course, I could do better on tracking and recording. I honestly need a some sort of a workout binder for it.

For about 3 weeks or so, I’ve been doing my own half-assed “foundation stage.”

And then I’ve been following one of the personal trainer’s pre-designed 29-week program.

I just finished 1-3 weeks of his program.

I swear the instruction on “rest” period between sets and exercises are confusing.

BUT!!! I’ve gained about 6~8 pounds.


But I also went up about 2% in body fat percentage. The idea is that I’m going to increase about 30 more pounds, and then cut out excess fat to return to my 10~11% body fat percentage, with about 20lbs of lean muscle.

Gimme a year…a year…


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Exercise Log: January

이 카테고리의 전 포스트를 보니 작년 1월쯤 적은거 같다. 물론 계획의 6/7days workout은 오래가지 못했다.
제발 “꾸준히” 한달하고 두달 쉬는게 아니라. “꾸준히” 계속 합시다. 0_ov

어제 Gym 가기 귀찮아서 Men’s Health 1000 exercises라는 아이폰 어플을 다운 받아서

“Best Body-Weight Workout #1″을 했다

For each exercise I did 3 sets of 8 reps:

Bodyweight Squat
Hip Raise
Side Plank
Floor Y Raise
Floor T Raise
Floor I Raise


Jan 10 2011

* Tried out a spinning class for the first time
* Apparently the instructor is a guy who once held a world’s record for time in crossing Africa on a bicycle. It never crossed my mind that someone would do that (crossing a continent on a bike)

Jan 12, 2011

I did 1 hour of Les Mills – Body Attack class:


Jan 14,2011

Half-assed 20 minute work out. No time! I swear 😮


Jan 17,2011

Primal movements (push;pull;twist;bend;squat;lunge;gait) work out usually seen in the foundation stage. (the workout was part of my product knowledge training, but it was still enough to get my body to sweat; purely body weight)


Jan 18, 2011

Again the work out was a typical “Building” stage workout. With a partner, worked on two (3 sets of 8-10 reps) pulls and two pushes.
The personal trainer, Joe, which by the way looks like Commander Sheppard (see below) killed my chest!!! They call it “Muscle Success a.k.a muscle failure,” where he pushed me to the point where (1) I obviously couldn’t lift anymore so he did it for me; but (2) he didn’t help out in slowing the barbell down to my chest…sounds easy?? speak to my screaming Pectoral Major + Minor


Jan 20,2011

Did a Fit-fix (got the certification to conduct Fit-Fix certification) work out: 20 min

Tomorrow is the “Strength” phase workout…i shouldn’t be alive on Saturday morning. Happily so…

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